QLDT: A Decision Tree based on Quantum Logic

Mathematisches Kolloquium

Prof. Dr. Ingo Schmitt
BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, Informatik

Besides a good prediction a classifier is to give an explanation how input data is related to the classification result. Decision trees are very popular classifiers and provide a good trade-off between accuracy and explainability for many scenarios. Its split decisions correspond to Boolean conditions on single attributes. In cases when for a class decision several attribute values interact gradually with each other, Boolean-logic-based decision trees are not appropriate. For such cases we propose a quantum-logic inspired decision tree (QLDT) which is based on sums and products on normalized attribute values. In contrast to decision trees based on fuzzy logic a QLDT obeys the rules of the Boolean algebra.
Keywords: Quantum logic · Decision tree · Interpretable AI

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