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Nature science and technology – modular learning in the kindergarten

The interest of preschoolers in nature scientific and technical phenomena is well documented in science. Following the discussion on the role of kindergarten in the education system, nature science and technology has been included in the Bavarian education and training plan (BEP) as a separate learning area.

The implementation of the BEP in the kindergartens requires an extensive planning and specific configuration of the learning processes. The philosophy is not to edit a particular field of knowledge systematically, but to open doors more systematically for previously neglected interests and to prepare future access roads. The challenge is to find ways of learning that allow a systematic approach with content, but not to prejudge school learning.

In a research project led by Professor Peter Erath from the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt different formats for child-friendly learning in specific learning areas have been developed and tested. Working with those designed and tested learning modules helps the education staff, to gain access to scientific and technical issues for themselves and to meet the needs of children systematically.

These learning modules bundle specific contents, which allow structured learning opportunities to children. On the one hand they shall allow an intensive examination of the child with the learning thing, on the other hand, they should leave enough room for dialogues between education staff and children.

In the last three years also various learning modules for scientific and technical learning were created and tested in collaboration with several kindergartens. The topics reach from energy and power, drive and locomotion, information and signals until building and living.

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