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Some of Our progresses

I. Research projects

a. Sustainable Lifestyles 2.0: End User Integration, Innovation and Entrepreneurship ( European Union's Seventh Framework Programme No.613194)

b. The Dynamic Incentive System of Basin Cross-border Compensation and Coordination Governance: A Study of Multi-level Perspective and Actor Network Theory ((National Natural Science Foundation of China No. 71503028 )II. Research paper

II. Research Paper

a. Sustainable Consumption:

1) Zhu, B. (2016).Consumer’s  Motivation, Opportunity and Ability for Sustainable Consumption: An evidence of organic food consumption in China. uwf UmweltWirtschaftsForum. DOI 10.1007/s00550-016-0423-6

b. Water/ River management:

1) Habisch, A; Zhu, B; Ren, P. & Lin, J.Y. Sustainability River Management: A case of Rhine River (working-on-progress)

c.Practical widom:

1) de Bettignies, H-C; Ip, K.P; Bai, X,Z; Habisch, A. and Lenssen, G.2011). Practical wisdom for management from the Chinese classical traditions. Journal of Management Development, 30(7/8).

2) Habisch, A. & Bachmann, C. (2016). A Practical Wisdom Based Approach Towards Purpose-Driven Business. Organizations with Purpose Conference | London Business School. London, 16.09.16.

3) Bachmann, C. (2014). Can practical wisdom be taught in business schools? An inquiry-based learning approach for management education. In P. Blessinger & J. M. Carfora (Hrsg.), Inquiry-Based Learning for the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences: A Conceptual and Practical Resource for Educators, (pp. 277-302). Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

d.Innovation and Transition

1) Zhu, B. & Habisch, A. (2015). CSR in the Context of Transition Economy - An Evaluation of Enterprises CSR Practices in China. The 2nd International Conference on CSR, Sustainability, Ethics & Governance, July 29-31,China

2) Habisch, A. & Zhu, B. (2017). Culture as Determinants of Innovation: An evidence from European context. ABAC Journal, 37(1)

3) Zhu, B. & Habisch, A. (2016). The Role of Culture in Sustainable Transition

-An application of Multi-level perspective in organic agriculture. (working-on-progress)

III. Thesis

  1. Peng, Ren. (2016).  A Multi-level Perspective on Sustainability Transition Management: Case of River Pollution in Germany and China
  2. Shang, Yizhou (2016). Organic food consumption:  Empirical examination of consumer values in China
  3. Song Ci. (2017). Practical Wisdom for Sustainable Management based on Confucian Perspective: A case study approach
  4. Zhang, Yufeng (2017). Microfinance in China
  5. Jiang, Xuechun (2020). Diversity Management im Vergleich zwischen Deutschland und China in Bezug auf Geschlecht und ethnische Herkunft