Nursing guide

Ältere und jüngere Hand

Anyone who is confronted with a case of nursing care in the family usually has to make many decisions within a short time: What is to be done next? Where can I get support? For students and staff of the KU, there is a contact person who provides assistance.

Eva Vierring of the Center for Marriage and Family in Society (ZFG) has trained as a company nursing guide.

She is the contact person for all matters relating to nursing care. She gives an overview of company offers and external contact points. She does not provide intensive care advice, but offers orientation to those affected and interested and helps to find the appropriate contact person in the region.

The guidelines (in German only) should serve as a first orientation when a care situation arises and provide relatives or affected persons with an overview of the most important information.

General information and helpful links about nursing care

Care insurance, Care Strengthening Act

Nursing time law and family nursing time law

Centers for caring relatives in Eichstätt and Ingolstadt

Senior citizens' guides for Eichstätt and Ingolstadt

This brochure provides an overview of services for people in need of care and assistance for caring relatives

Power of attorney, decrees and emergency folder

You will information and forms of the Bundesministerium der Justiz und für Verbraucherschutz here.

Emergency and prevention folder of Eichstätt.

Emergency and prevention folder of Ingolstadt.

Further regional offers

Advice and support services

  • Support for caring relatives: Support for caring relatives is particularly important. The Bavarian State Ministry for Health and Care has also addressed this issue and has compiled a range of offers.
  • Health insurance: Every health insurance company offers a contact person for the topic of care, whom you can contact.
  • Consumer advice center Bavaria: The consumer advice center offers a brief insight into all aspects of health and care.
  • Patient advice: In the following you will find a list of all patient advice centres in Bavaria.
  • Independent patient advice Germany: This institution supports you with questions about diseases, rights as a patient, as well as private and professional consequences of a disease. This service is free of charge, independent, neutral, competent and comprehensible.
  • Online counselling: Those seeking advice on various topics can obtain anonymous and free advice from employees of the Caritas. Due to the simple explanation of the function of online counselling, this offer can be used without previous knowledge.