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In accordance with its Catholic tradition, the KU considers family friendliness an important part of its mission statement and has been working intensively for about 20 years to improve the compatibility of family and university as a place to study and work. In 2004, it was the first Bavarian university to receive the award "Family Friendly University". After many years of successful completion of the audit "Family Friendly University", KU joined the Best Practice Club "Familie in der Hochschule e. V." in 2016. It supports its students and its employees to lead a good life in and with families in all phases of life and qualification.





No vacation program during the Pentecost vacations

Due to the current Corona situation, we unfortunately have to cancel the vacation program planned for the Pentecost vacations.


Application for a financial grant for Corona-related babysitting costs

Because the Corona situation is still tight, we are continuing to offer the grant for Corona-related babysitting costs, initially until July 31, 2021.…

Spielende Kinder

Pre-announcement: Vacation programs in 2021

In 2021, we will offer vacation programs as part of the Family-Friendly KU during the fall vacations and on the Day of Penance and Prayer - if the…

Important offers

Welcome box

Newborn children of students and employees of KU receive a welcome from the university: among other things the original KU baby romper suit!


The KU has two exemplars of the KidsBox - the mobile kids' room. The KidsBox is used at events or when you have to bring your children to your place of work or study.

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