Single parents

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Single parents face particular challenges in reconciling the tasks and demands of study/work with their family responsibilities, as they cannot share these with a partner. They are therefore more dependent on a social network and the support of a good local infrastructure.


Childcare and organisation

In some childcare facilities, single parents are given preferential treatment when allocating childcare places. Information on this can be obtained from the respective facilities and their providers.


If the child is sick

Single parents who are subject to statutory health insurance are entitled to up to 20 days' child care sickness benefit per child. If there are several children, the total entitlement for single parents is limited to 50 working days per calendar year.

Further information can be found in the infomation sheet.

Domestic help - in case of serious illness or pregnancy/birth

Domestic help in case of serious illness according to § 38 SGB V
If you as a single parent fall seriously ill and are therefore unable to manage the household, the statutory health insurance will cover the costs of domestic help. The condition is that a child under 12 years of age must live in the household. The age limit is not applicable to a disabled child.

Costs: In the case of domestic help according to §38 SGB V, your health insurance company pays the majority of the costs. However, you must cover a daily co-payment of at least five and at most ten euros.

More detailed information can be obtained from the health insurance company.

Domestic help in case of pregnancy and childbirth according to § 24h SGB V

Domestic help can be provided for pregnant women with pregnancy problems that go beyond the usual level. The condition is that neither you nor any other person living in the household can manage the household. There is no time limit on the duration of services during pregnancy. The service is provided for as long as the doctor or midwife considers it necessary. After giving birth, domestic help is only granted for the day of delivery and a maximum of 6 further days.

Costs: There is no co-payment for domestic help due to pregnancy and childbirth.

More detailed information can be obtained from the health insurance company.

Financial issues

The financing of their living situation often confronts single parents with a major task that is experienced as difficult and challenging. It is therefore important to know about state aid and to make use of it. In the following, we will briefly describe specific services with respect to single parents. General information on financing and benefits can be found on the websites on Financial issues.

The staff of ZFG offers a general advice on the subject and, if required, can arrange further contact persons.

To clarify your financial situation as a student with a child, we also recommend to contact the social counselling service of the Studentenwerk.

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