On Campus with child

Family room

Foto des Familienraums
© KU/Veronika Hecht

In the building of the Central Library (room no. UA002) in Eichstätt a family room is available for you. Here you have the possibility to change your child's nappy, breastfeed it or rest. There is also a desk and toys for small children.


KidsBox - the mobile kids' room

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The KU has two exemplars of the KidsBox. The KidsBox is designed as a mobile kids' room and equipped for babies and children up to primary school age (https://my-kidsbox.de/). You can use the KidsBox if you exceptionally need to bring your children to work or study or if you want to organise childcare for an event.

In Eichstätt, the KidsBox is located in the Aula in the KG building and should primarily be used in this buildung. Due to its size it is very difficult to transport the box to other buildings. However, materials can be taken out of the KidsBox at any time for use in other buildings.

If you would like to use the KidsBox either in Eichstätt or in Ingolstadt, please contact Veronika Hecht (veronika.hecht(at)ku.de).

Children's plate in the mensa

Tablett mit Essen
© KU/Christian Klenk

The Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nuremberg offers a free children's plate. This is an addition to your meal. You as a parent must also consume, only then will the children's portion be added free of charge.

To apply for the Kindertellerkarte the following requirements must be met:

  • The parent entered on the card must be enrolled in the current semester at a university in the area of the Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nuremberg.
  • The child registered on the card must not be older than 10 years.

The Kindertellerkarte can be applied for at the Studentenwerk. You can find more information here.

Lockers for pregnant students

Pregnant students have the possibility to rent lockers in the individual libraries of the KU for a longer period of time up to two weeks after giving birth. You can find more information on the pages of the University Library under "Work cabins and more".


Play corner in the canteen

Foto der Spielecke
© KU/Veronika Hecht

In the canteen, families will find a separated area where (small) children can play while their parents eat. The play corner contains various toys for small children and some books. We kindly ask you to clean up the play corner after use and leave it tidy.



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In the courtyard garden of the summer residence there is a playground where you and your child can spend free time. Swings, sandbox, seesaw and more invite you to romp around in the middle of the campus.



Baby changing facilities

Lageplan der KU mit familienbezogenen Ergänzungen
© KU

You will find nappy-changing facilities at the Eichstätt site in

  • the assembly hall library (library 2, Ostenstr.1, map)
  • the mensa (Universitätsallee 2, map)
  • the Central Library (family room, Universitätsallee 1, map)
  • in the collegiate building Bau E (Musikbau) (Ostenstr. 26, map)
  • in the building Marktplatz 7 ( map)
  • in the Capuchin monastery (Ingbert-Naab Hall - INS, map)

You will find a nappy-changing facility at the Ingolstadt location

  • in the first-aid room (main building, Auf der Schanz 49, map)

At many baby changing stations, you'll find an emergency kit with spare diapers, wet wipes and disinfectant spray.

Welcome box for KU-newborns

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Newborn children of students and employees of KU receive a welcome from the university: among other things, the original KU baby romper suit as well as information material for parents, which the ZFG has compiled. The greeting is packaged in a box that was hand-painted by children in the Uni-Kinderhaus. To make sure that you and your baby receive the welcome box, please contact the ZFG personally (veronika.hecht(at)ku.de oder eva.vierring(at)ku.de).