Health insurance

Ein Sparschwein und ein Stetoskop

Just as for studying at any other university in Germany, a prerequisite for enrolment at the KU is a valid health insurance. EU citizens are usually insured through the health insurance in their home country, but this often only includes emergency treatment abroad. Travel insurance is rarely sufficient for enrolment.

Therefore, we highly recommend that all foreign students take out insurance through the German statutory health insurance system (costs per month currently approx. € 125 €, e.g. with AOK). We will gladly support you in this respect.

In addition, students must also have travel health and accident insurance for the period between the departure from their home country and enrolment at the KU. It is also advisable to have travel health insurance until the end of your stay in Germany, as such insurance usually includes services such as repatriation to your home country.

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