The Chair of Analysis offers basic courses in the Bachelor’s program and teaching degree program for Gymnasium as well as advanced lectures and seminars in the Master’s program on selected topics of (applied) analysis. Course materials  can be found in the e-learning system "ILIAS”, which you can  access  with your KU (Computer Center) user ID and the respective course password.

In our courses, whether they are held on-campus, online or in a hybrid format, we pay special attention to modern teaching methods and interactive learning formats. The lively exchange with the lecturers and the colaboration among the students  contribute to the learning success. In addition to the acquisition of mathematical expertise and methodological knowledge, the overall aim is to promote creativity in problem-solving and independent academic work.

Ongoing courses WS 2020/21

Final theses

For final theses, we offer interesting research-based and application-oriented topics, mainly in the fields of variational calculus and the theory of partial differential equations.

If you are considering writing your Bachelor's or Master's thesis with us and would like more information, please make an appointment with Carolin Kreisbeck