Concluding your Doctoral Degree


The completion of your doctoral degree consists of three stages. Firstly, you submit a written application for admission to the doctoral examination procedure to the Chair of the doctoral committee. In addition to the doctoral thesis, you will usually be asked to submit several additional documents. In the next stage, the doctoral committee decides whether or not you should be admitted to the doctoral examination procedure, obtains expert assessments of your doctoral thesis and, following the official period when the thesis is available for consultation, decides on the final acceptance or rejection of the research. If the thesis is accepted, the doctoral committee sets a date for your oral examination. After the oral examination, you will have to publish your thesis in an appropriate manner. Only then will you receive the doctoral certificate. When the doctoral certificate has been issued, the doctoral candidate is entitled to use the title “Dr.”

Publication of the Doctoral Thesis

The University Library of the KU provides information on the various publication options for the thesis (e.g. Open Access).