The KU Tenure Track Model aims to provide young researchers with a good balance between research and teaching as well as – to a small extent – tasks in academic self-administration. Particular importance is attached to creating the greatest possible leeway for independent research right from the outset. A central element of the future appointment strategy at the KU will be placing a stronger focus on young academics at a relatively early stage after their doctoral degree. By implementing the concept of tenure track professorships, the KU significantly expands on its recruitment possibilities for permanent professorships and gives young researchers the opportunity to combine their qualification phase with prospects of a permanent employment.


The KU Tenure Track Model is primarily a development program for young academic leaders. This is why the KU tenure process generally provides for a career progression. In this context, the KU primarily focuses on two models: W1 with continuation to W2 and W2 with continuation to W3. In special cases the position may also be advertised as W1 with continuation to W3. 

In order to create excellent framework conditions for early-career professorships, the KU has developed an attractive overall concept for implementation of the tenure track professorships. This concept includes provision of basic equipment for each respective professorship, comprehensive instruments for internal research funding, a teaching methodology coaching as well as offers for promoting the balance between family and professional life.



The individual development plan ensures that the evaluation criteria are transparent and that the candidates receive support during their professional development. The individual development plan is agreed on in the appointment negotiations. It also serves as a basis for the annual appraisals between the responsible dean and the tenure-track professorship and offers the possibility for mutual feedback.


The KU is of the opinion that an important prerequisite for the early-career professorships besides excellent framework conditions for research and teaching is an appropriate equipment and subject-related anchoring within central topic areas. KU tenure track professorships are generally provided with an attractive basic annual budget which is at their free disposal. All further equipment and means will be determined in the context of the appointment negotiations.

Internal Research Funding and Advice on Funding Possiblities

With its Research Service Center (ZFF), the KU provides extensive support for its researchers when it comes to the initiation, acquisition and implementation of small research projects and third-party funded research projects. The KU’s internal research funding scheme proFOR+ offers diverse possibilities for funding, for example when it comes to preparing applications for third-party funding, hosting scientific conferences or acquiring specialist knowledge. With this attractive offer, the KU also wants to support especially its early-career researchers in the development phase of their individual research profiles.

Teaching Methodology Coaching

The KU supports its researchers in the acquisition and consolidation of didactical and teaching methodological skills with a diverse offer of the KU University Teaching Methodology. Furthermore, the KU offers additional individual teaching methodology coaching for professors who are appointed for the first time, which will be coordinated by the KU Department of HR Development in collaboration with the University Teaching Methodology. Like this, the holders of the respective professorships get the chance to develop an individual program together with a coach in order to enhance their didactical skills.


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