FAMILY life under special conditions

Social modernization processes confront families with particular challenges. At the ZFG, these challenges are mainly examined through various projects, for example the impact of professional mobility on partnership and marriage.

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Religion and FAMILY Culture

The focus of this research area is, for example, the investigation of the influence of religious norms and values on family structure and on the nature, extent and quality of family interactions.

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FAMILY and socialpolical issues

Family and sociopolitical issues and decisions are of great importance for families, because they often have direct consequences for family life.
At the ZFG these general developments are observed, analyzed and commented on.

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FAMILY and education

Education with respect to family plays a role in different contexts:
On the one hand, the foundations for education are laid in the family in many ways, for example in the area of political socialization. Here, the ZFG is working on a project that investigates how political attitudes develop in the family.
On the other hand, there are also opportunities through which parents and family can "educate themselves" and be supported in their family life.

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Compatibility of FAMILY and career

The ZFG conducts research projects on the "Compatibility of Work and Family".

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