School of Transformation and Sustainability

Understanding the world – shaping its future

How can we design our future in a sustainable way? With its School of Transformation and Sustainability, the KU founded a new faculty in fall 2023 that has the aim of approaching specifically these major challenges of our time. Its innovative structure and program are geared to analyzing and accompanying the political, social and ecological transformations of our time.

At our new faculty, we systematically push the boundaries of our knowledge for successful sustainable development through innovative thinking and co-creative collaboration with our fellows and practice partners worldwide. A high level of scientific skill and service to the common good go hand in hand.

Study offer

- Certificate “Transformation, Orientation, Future“ (TrOZ)
- Certificate “Sustainable Education and Socio-ecological Transformation in Church Institutions”
- Master’s program “Transformation and Sustainable Living Spaces – Reshape Tourism” (Digital Studies)