If students are unable to attend courses during a semester for important reasons, they can submit an application for leave and corresponding proof.

Information on requesting leave

During the entire course of studies, a student can generally only request leave for a total duration of two semesters. Periods for maternity or parental leave (up to three years from childbirth or periods for care for close relatives) are not credited to such maximum leave.

In case of leave granted for studying abroad, the semesters of leave will generally not be credited to the regular/examination semesters, unless the credits and examination achievements obtained at the foreign university are credited to the student’s degree program.

No coursework may be completed and no examinations, with the exception of retake examinations, may be taken at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt during leave. This rule does not apply to students who were granted maternity/parental leave in their course of study.

For important information on submitting a request for a semester of leave, and in particular on giving reasons for justification of leave, please refer to the Statutes on enrollment.


Information for KU students who have children or are expecting a child

→Further information for KU students who have children←

Periods during which examinations must be taken or retaken are not interrupted or extended due to leave!

Request form for leave

The request form can only be submitted for one semester and only subject to the provision of appropriate proof and must be submitted during the corresponding re-registration period.
Please note that no retroactive leave can be granted.

In exceptional cases, leave can also be requested for the first semester of a new enrollment or first enrollment (e.g. in case of sudden illness).

If the reasons requiring leave occur at a later stage, the application can be submitted at the latest by the end of the first month of the lecture period. After leave has been granted, it may only be canceled on written request and no later than up until the date specified above to be converted into re-registration of the student instead.

The semester fees amounting to € 56.00 must still be paid for the duration of leave.

Requests for leave for the summer semester must be submitted at the latest by April 30 of the respective year; for the winter semester at the latest by October 31.

Maternity protection for students