Dates for examination registration and publication of grades


The information on examination withdrawal for the respective types of examinations (in-semester examinations/end-of-semester examinations) can be found in the time schedules under the respective registration deadlines.

Examples and further explanations can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions of the Examinations Office.


Registration for courses and examinations for required and required elective modules according to the (subject) examination regulations that is applicable for your program should be done exclusively on KU.Campus via the student portal under the heading “My degree program”
You will find the respective modules there according to the (subject) examination regulations or required elective catalog/program description that are applicable to you.

Registration for courses and examinations for modules, that are not listed in your own degree program, but are from an elective area (for example from the complete offer of modules of the KU), must be done in the student portal via the “modules outside my degree program” section.

How can I find the student portal and the modules of my degree program?

Once you have signed in on the homepage of KU.Campus via the button Login (top right) by entering your password, the navigation bar on the left hand side will show the heading My degree program.

Here you must first make the required selection - if you are enrolled in more than one degree program, you can choose between the degree programs here.

In the course catalog of your degree program, you will find all modules of the required and required elective area, specialization, etc. that you can or must take according to the examination regulations and/or degree program description.
If there are several different versions of a module, you will be shown the correct module version and the correct exam/course that you also have to take.


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2021 summer semester