International Applicants

ATTENTION: The application deadlines for international applicants who have acquired their university entrance qualification abroad have expired.
Therefore, it is unfortunately no longer possible to apply for the upcoming winter semester.
As soon as it is decided when the application portal for the summer semester 2022 will open, you will find the information on this page.
Until then, please use the following link to find out whether your desired degree program can be started in the summer semester:

and read the information below about application requirements and procedures, etc.
Applications for the Studienkolleg is possible for the summer semester. We will provide more detailed information here in time with the information on the opening of the application portal for the summer semester 2022.

We look forward to receiving your application.

The application process for international applicants is now completely digital. You can register online in our application portal and carry out and submit your application. After you have carried out the application and uploaded your documents, you do not need to send your documents to us again by post. You do have to submit certified true copies only if you are admitted at the time of enrollment.

Depending on the course of study, you may be asked for information on internships, professional experience, etc. Please upload the relevant documents in the upload area for all the information you provide, even if these are not mandatory fields!

Before you start the application process, please read the additional information on this page, in particular the information on the respective (German) language requirements and university entrance qualifications.

For your application to  be successful, you need to fulfill specific requirements regarding

For the Master’s degree programs at the Ingolstadt School of Management (WFI) that are taught in English (including “Business and Psychology”), you will find detailed information in the following PDF files.

M.Sc. Business Administration “International”

M.Sc. Business Administration “Digital Customer Experience & Service Design (formerly: International Marketing)”

M.Sc. Business Administration “ENTRE“

M.Sc. “Business and Psychology”

If you have any questions about the business administration master’s degree programs and the master’s degree programs "Business and Psychology", please contact David Guevara.
For specific admission requirements for Master's degree programs at the Eichstätt campus (other language requirements; additional documents to be submitted such as a letter of motivation, proof of internships, etc.), please visit the respective program websites or contact the Student Office at the Eichstätt campus at

For an overview of our study offer, please see:

You must upload the following documents:

When applying for a Bachelor's degree program or the preparatory college (Studienkolleg)

  • Originals or officially certified copies of your educational qualification certificates starting with your highest school-leaving qualification
  • Translation of your educational certificates into German, English or French by a court-certified translator, including proof of the respective evaluation/grading systems with the required minimum passing grade as well as the highest possible grade.
  • APS certificate of the Academic Evaluation Center for applicants from China, Vietnam or Mongolia
  • Proof of your German language proficiency (usually DSH level 2 or test DAF 4-4-4-4) (can be submitted by the beginning of the semester)
  • Proof of German language proficiency on level A1/A2, if you want to participate in our preparatory intensive German course prior to your studies (participation is not possible for Master's degree programs with restricted admission)
  • Résumé in table form
  • Copy of identity card/passport

When applying for a Master’s degree program, the following documents in addition

  • Original or officially certified copy of the Bachelor’s degree
  • Original or officially certified copy of the transcript listing names of the individual modules taken in all Bachelor’s semesters
  • Official proof of passing grade of the Bachelor’s degree program
  • Official proof of the evaluation/grading system at your university stating required minimum passing grade as well as the highest possible grade

Applicants for a doctoral degree are asked to submit the following documents in addition

  • Written confirmation of supervision of your doctoral project by a KU professor
  • Confirmation of the doctoral committee that the doctoral project has been accepted
  • If you do not yet have the required German language skills, a so-called DSH admission may be granted with the possibility to attend the German intensive course (the course starts only in the winter semester). A check of your documents will show whether this is possible. In order to apply, you must prove German language proficiency at least at level A2. If the doctoral project is written in another language, proof of German language proficiency is not required. Instead, you will need proof of knowledge of the language in which the doctoral project will be written. Furthermore, you require a written confirmation issued by your doctoral supervisor that the doctoral project can be completed in the chosen language.

Application deadline

The application deadline for international applications for the upcoming 2021/2022 winter semester for most degree programs and for doctoral degree applications is July 31 2021.
Please note, that for some master degree programs the application deadline ends earlier.


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