[Translate to Englisch:] Lernort Bibliothek: Lernen in der Bibliothek

Study Spaces

Discover the university library as a place to study and work and organize your daily study routine according to your needs.

All locations of the University Library offer you a calm, concentrated learning environment. You can research literature and work with it at classic library workstations in the reading rooms. PC workstations provide access to our digital media such as databases, electronic journals or e-books. Use the opportunity to move into a carrel in the library for undisturbed work on your habilitation, dissertation or master's thesis. For collaborative learning, group work rooms are available in the Main Library and in the Branch Library in Ingolstadt.

Restricted Library Services due to the Corona-Virus

Please note the current changes regarding the access to the reading rooms and the reference collections of the University Library due to restrictions against the background of the Corona Pandemic.

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Scanning, printing, copying

Scannen, Drucken, Kopieren in der Bibliothek

Internet access and Wifi

Wifi und Internetzugang in der Bibliothek

Carrels, lockers & storage containers

Literaturverwaltung mit Citavi