Departments and their sub-departments

The University administration supports all people who study, teach or carry out research at the University or who work in the administration and service provision or technical support. The administration is headed by the Chancellor and consists of five departments:


Department I: Human Resources

Department II: Finance

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  • II/1 Financial Planning, Accounting
  • II/2 Controlling
  • II/3 Third-Party Funding
  • II/4 Procurement, Contracting
  • Sozialwerk e. V.

Department III: Facility Management

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  • III/1 Commercial Facility Management

  • III/2 Room and Locking System Management

  • III/3 Campus Services, Operations

  • III/4 Technical Facility Management

  • III/5 Environmental Management, Occupational Safety

Department IV: Study Organization

Department V: Legal Affairs