Our Vision, Mission and Values



We aim to be an institution of excellence that educates, nurtures, and develops ethical, responsible individuals to have a sustainable and enduring impact on business, the economy, and society, through our research, teaching, and knowledge transfer.


At WFI, "business and economics oriented toward people" is at the center of our activities. Our students are our greatest asset, and our activities are designed to develop their potential to the fullest. We promote their development to become responsible individuals with a global mindset so that they can have a meaningful and lasting impact on business and society. Through our excellence in knowledge creation and transfer we provide creative insights and solutions for sustainable and ethically responsible action in companies, the economy and society. Our tight-knit community of faculty, students, and alumni embody and share this WFI Spirit nationally and internationally.


Excellence in Knowledge
Excellence in Knowledge

We are tirelessly committed to the pursuit of excellence in knowledge creation and knowledge transfer.

Human Centered

We place the individual and their humanity at the center of all our endeavors.  

Ethics & Integrity
Ethics and Integrity

Our thoughts and actions are governed by personal and professional ethics and a deep-rooted sense of integrity. 

Responsibility & Sustainability
Responsibility and Sustainability

We take individual and collective responsibility for a just and sustainable world in business and society.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We strive to embrace diversity in all its forms and to create an equitable and inclusive community.