Study Commission

A central body for quality assurance and development in the area of study and teaching is the Study Commission. According to the statutes (see GO §20 paragraph 3), the members of the Study Commission are members of the student representation, a representative of the academic staff and the Dean of Studies.

The Study Commission at the WFI meets once per semester. It discusses the respective course evaluations in detail and looks in particular at the modules or teachers who fall short of the specified minimum value. This committee also institutionalizes the exchange between the dean of students and the student representatives and offers a platform for the discussion of problems that have arisen as well as the preliminary discussion of planned measures. Students can also submit measures to the dean of students here.

Study Grants Commission

The study grants serve to compensate for the elimination of tuition fees and - as was previously the case with tuition fees - are earmarked and used exclusively for the improvement of study conditions. In principle, the use of the study grants can be divided into three main categories:


  •     Improvement of teaching
  •     Improvement of student services
  •     Improvement of infrastructure

The students are to be equally involved in the decision on the use of the study grants. The Presidential Board decides on the use of the central funds in consultation with the Student Representative Council. The measures are determined by the Faculty Council and submitted to the Presidential Board for approval. The decision of the Faculty Council is made in agreement with the student representatives in the committee.

Decentralized funds are decided by the Study Grant Committee, which consists of representatives of the students, professors and academic staff, with the students having a right of veto.

Examples of the use of study grant funds at the WFI are subject databases, personnel in the service area and at the Center for Business Languages, guest lectures, tutorials, workshops and the teaching award, which is determined by the study commission on the basis of the teaching evaluations and presented at the student general meeting.