Action Learning Module

  • Students deepen the practice of their business knowledge acquired in the Master's program by means of concrete cooperation with a Social Impact Start-Up (SIST).
  • They intensify their analytical skills acquired in the Master's program by independently examining the business model and independently developed and specified action proposal.
  • They understand the economic and socio-political background of the SIST in the complex socio-economic system of the developing country.
  • Through continuous feedback from stakeholders, they test the applicability of their proposal and successively adapt it to real needs on the ground.
  • They strengthen their ability to self-reflect in the action learning process.
  • Increasing communication skills in social media.
  • In regular group discussions, they also participate in the knowledge progress of other work.

Module Content

  • Participation in an online-based introductory event
  • Independent conception and specification of a project proposal in cooperation with SIST
  • Presentation and discussion of the project proposal with SIST and supervisor
  • Preparation of a personal learning report
  • Writing of regular project reports
  • Participation in regular online coordination meetings of the students

Teaching/Learning methods

  • Presentation
  • Writing regular project reports
  • Group discussion of the action-learning master students
  • Creation of personal learning reports