The essential functions, rights and duties of the management and members of the Center for Religion, Church and Society in Transformation (ZRKG) are regulated in the KU Zentrumsordnung. All members contribute jointly to the fulfilment of the tasks and goals of the ZRKG and are appointed by the Director of the ZRKG for three years at a time upon application. Applications for membership or for its renewal are accepted by the management at any time via the appropriate form. A General Assembly of the members of the ZRKG shall be held at least once a year. The plenary assembly elects the management of the ZRKG consisting of the director and deputy director from its full members for a term of four years. The members of a research field also appoint one or two spokespersons who communicate the interests of a field and are consulted by the management on fundamental decisions in the ZRKG.

One of the goals of the ZRKG is to initiate and expand interdisciplinary research at the KU in its subject area. Therefore, members of the ZRKG can access its resources within the framework of funding modules and apply for corresponding support in initiating or expanding projects. The office supports the management of the ZRKG in its tasks and, if necessary, individual members in their projects or events.