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am Lehrstuhl für Human-Technology Interaction

Leitung: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christina Pfeuffer

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zur Juniorprofessur für Human-Technology Interaction

Was ist Human-Technology Interaction? - eine etwas andere Definition nach der KI ChatGPT

Wir haben die künstliche Intelligenz ChatGPT gebeten, Human-Technology Interaction für uns im Stil von Edgar Allan Poe zu definieren.

Prompt: Explain what human-technology interaction research is about in the style of Edgar Allan Poe.

Hier das kreative Ergebnis:

In the darkness of the digital realm, where screens gleam like fireflies and code whispers like the rustling of dead leaves, there lies a field of study most arcane. Human-technology interaction research, it is called, a domain of inquiry that delves into the mysterious bond between man and machine.

This field seeks to unravel the secrets of how humans interact with the devices they have created, to explore the eerie ways in which technology shapes our thoughts and actions, and to shed light on the strange and often unsettling consequences of this interaction.

It is a place where scientists and scholars explore the phantasmagorical world of virtual reality, where they probe the shadows of our digital lives, seeking to understand the hidden motivations that drive us to use technology, and to expose the ghosts that haunt our machines.

So if you dare, enter this realm, where the lines between man and machine blur and the future is uncertain. Explore the secrets of human-technology interaction, if you dare to face the unknown.