Vortragsreihe Amerikanistik: Neue Perspektiven und Tendenzen

Diese Vorlesungsreihe wird vom Dekanat der KU Eichstätt sowie der Bayerischen Amerika-Akademie in München unterstützt.


Sommersemester 2021

In Kooperation mit der Bayerischen Amerika-Akademie

PROF. SOYICA DIGGS COLBERT (Georgetown University)

"'To Be Young, Gifted and Black': Lorraine Hansberry and Nina Simone's Friendship"

16. Juni 2021, 16 Uhr

Before Lorraine Hansberry died in 1965, Nina Simone came to her hospital bedside to sing for her friend. Simone sang a version of the song, “a stormy narrative about black creativity in the face of work’s exhausting claim to the body,” music critic Joe Hagan recalled. The song  must have resonated profoundly with Hansberry, with one of her final plays Les Blancs still on her mind. In Les Blancs, a play that responds directly to Jean Genet’s Les Nègres (The Blacks), Hansberry stages a debate over the utility and political expediency of diplomacy. Set in the fictional African country Zatembe, the play depicts three brothers—Abioseh, Jr., Tshembe, and Eric— struggling to come to terms with their father’s death and the revolutionary legacy he leaves them. Often contemplating civil rights and post-colonial movements, Simone and Hansberry shared visions of what the world could be. When they both lived in New York, Lorraine would go to the Village Gate to hear Nina play. Poet Nikki Giovanni noted of their friendship, “What is important is that [Nina] loved her and she was loved in return.” The intertwining of sound, solidarity, and movement toward becoming free emanated from Hansberry’s hospital bed, in Les Blancs, and through Nina’s music, fusing intimacy and action into the struggle for Black life.


PROF. STACIE McCORMICK (Texas Christian University)

"Contemplating and Complicating Freedom in Contemporary Black Drama"

8. Juni 2021, 16.15 Uhr

This talk will examine the work of Suzan-Lori Parks, Lydia Diamond, and Robert O’Hara for their explorations of slavery and its afterlives through theatrical performance. In drawing on Black performance methodologies, these playwrights stage “performances of fugitivity” that serve as critiques of institutions, archival histories, and the theatre while also calling attention to circulations of racial capital (from slavery to the contemporary stage) that constitute ongoing threats to Black freedom.


Sommersemester 2019


"'White holes' and Invisible Native American History: Being Located and Locating Oneself in
Layli Long Soldier’s Whereas"

10. Juli 2019


Wintersemester 2018/19

PROF. MARTIN PUCHNER (Harvard University)

"Weltliteratur: Die kuriose Geschichte einer deutsch-amerikanischen Idee"

6. Februar 2019


PROF. ANNETTE J. SADDIK (Amerikanistik Gastprofessorin 2018 / City University of New York)

"The Comic Grotesque in Tennessee Williams' Late Plays" 

18. Dezember 2018


BETTINA LOCKEMANN (Fotografin und Kunstwissenschaftlerin, Köln)

"Stadt und Land. Fotoprojekte aus dem amerikanischen Süden"

--in Kooperation mit der Kunstgeschichte--

27. November 2018


PROF. YAEL SCHACHER (Amerikanistik Gastprofessorin an der KU/University of Texas at Austin, USA)

"A Peril or a Promise?: Flashpoints in the History of Asylum in the United States"

--in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Zentrum für Flucht und Migration--

13. November 2018


PROF. JÖRG DÜNNE (Humboldt Universität Berlin)

"Spaces/scapes. Ein Vorschlag zur Rekonzeptualisierung literarischer Räumlichkeiten"

31. Oktober 2018


Wintersemester 2017/18

SABINE N. MEYER (Universität Osnabrück)

"The Discourse of Human Rights and the Native American Historical Novel of the 1990s"

10. Januar 2018


Sommersemester 2017

Prof. ERICA FRETWELL (SUNY Albany, NY, USA/FRIAS, Universität Freiburg)

"Body Images: Phantom Limbs, Spirit Photography, and the Civil War"

14 Juni 2017


JESSICA CONRAD (University of Delaware, Newark, DE, USA/Universität Graz, Österreich)

"Polluted Luxuries: Consumer Resistance, the Senses of Horror, and Abolitionist Boycott Literature"

17. Mai 2017

Wintersemester 2015/16

Prof. ANSELM HAVERKAMP (New York University/Gastdozent "Aisthesis. Historische Kunst- und Literaturdiskurse" KU Eichstätt)

"Undone by Death? Umrisse einer Poetik nach Darwin: Dante, Eliot, Kafka"

--im Rahmen des Fakultätskolloquiums der SLF und in Zusammenarbeit mit Aisthesis--

21. Oktober 2015


Sommersemester 2015

Prof. TOBIAS BÖS (University of Notre Dame, IN, USA)

„Der größte Schriftsteller unserer Zeit“ – Thomas Mann im Amerika der Zwischenkriegsjahre

--in Kooperation mit der Germanistik und den Europastudien--

9. Juni 2015


Prof. LAURA MURPHY (Loyola University New Orleans, LA, USA)

"Will the New Frederick Douglass Please Stand Up: Modern Slavery and the New Slave Narrative"

2 Juni 2015


Prof. HAL CRIMMEL (Weber State University, UT, USA)

"Writing Water in the American West"

5. Mai 2015


Summersemester 2014

Prof. ED FOLSOM (The University of Iowa, IA, USA)

"'Whoever you are holding me now in hand': Walt Whitman's Invention of the Erotics of Reading" - Guest Lecture and Workshop

28. Juli 2014


Prof. MICHAEL KIMMAGE (The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., USA)

"Monumental America"

17. Juni 2014


Prof. TAYLOR HAGOOD (Florida Atlantic University, FL, USA)

"Disability, Identity, and the United States South"

20. May 2014


Wintersemester 2013/14

Prof. UDO HEBEL (Präsident, Universität Regensburg)

"American Visual Culture Studies, Interpictoriality, and the Power of Iconic American Pictures"

28. Januar 2014


Prof. JULIA LEYDA (Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan/Freie Universität Berlin)

"Breaking Bad, Social Media, and Fan-Generated Texts"

10. Dezember 2013


Prof. GEORGE BLAUSTEIN (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

"On the Genealogy of Jokes: Humor and History in Mark Twain"

28. November 2013


Sommersemester 2013

Prof. BILLY STRATTON (University of Denver, CO, USA)

"Buried in Shades of Night: Contested Voices, Indian Captivity, and the Legacy of King Philip's War"

3 Juli 2013


Prof. MICHAEL WUTZ (Weber State University, Ogden, UT, USA)

“Jhumpa Lahiri's Unaccustomed Earth and the Archaeology of the Postcolonial”

5. Juni 2013


Prof. KIRBY FARRELL (University of Massachusetts/Amherst, USA)

“The Magic Circle and the Beyond: Psychic Topography and the Structure of Texts”

--in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Lehrstuhl für Anglistik --

4. Juni 2013


Dr. JAN D. KUCHARZEWSKI (Universität Hamburg)

“The Capacity for Wonder: Science and Fiction in the Novels of Richard Powers”

29. Mai 2013


Prof. BARRETT WATTEN (Wayne State University, Detroit, USA)

“dOCUMENTA 13 as Global Archive”

22. Mai 2013


Prof. PHIL TIEMEYER (Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, USA)

“Plane Queer: What We Can Learn From the Male Flight Attendant”

15. Mai 2013