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Welcome to American Studies

American Studies at Eichstätt is an interdisciplinary field that aims at a comprehensive understanding of North American literatures and cultures from early colonial times to the present. With a special emphasis on race and diaspora studies, the program examines the variety of literatures in the U.S. and Canada from multiethnic, postcolonial, regional/transnational, and comparative perspectives, thus reflecting the internationalization of American Studies in recent years. Our research and teaching moreover reflects the multifold interrelations between various forms of media: investigations of visual and auditory cultures (photography, film, radio, music, TV) stand alongside theater and performance studies as well as architecture. To explore this wide variety of textual, visual, audio, material, and performative manifestations and interpretations of American experiences, American Studies Eichstätt draws on methodologies ranging from literary and cultural studies to media theory and history and theories of space.