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Major International Management (Bachelor)

Starting with the 4th semester, Bachelor students have to specialize in different majors. Prof. Gelbrich coordinates the major "International Management".

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Katja Gelbrich

Concept and Objective:

The major "International Management" is designed to provide comprehensive theoretical, practical, and interdisciplinary knowledge on the area of international business management.

The courses deal with the major challenges of companies that engage in cross-border trade. This includes issues like foreign market penetration, international strategies, organizational structures of multinational firms, global marketing management, and global sourcing. The students also gain knowledge on the political, legal, economic, and cultural characteristics of different countries or regions in order to better understand the particularities of international business activities.










 Mandatory module:








 Einführung in das strategische     Management








 International Business








 Mandatory optional module:








 Global Marketing Management








 Organizational Behavior








 Entrepreneurial Finance & Strategy  Ringlstetter  Summer







Strategic Sourcing in Global  Markets (formerly International Logistics and Global Sourcing)

 Werner (Chair of Prof. 








 Automotive Issues in Business  Science

 Morisse / Manncau







 Consulting Case

 Ringlstetter / Vizjak







 Grundlagen der Internationalen  Rechnungslegung





 Development Economics

 Danzer  Summer  English


 International Tax Law  Koch  Summer  English


 Topics in International Economics  Danzer  Winter  English


 Company Taxation in the European


 Koch  Winter  English


 Multinationale Unternehmen und

 ihre Besteuerung

 Langenmayr  Winter  German

Note: Each course corresponds to 5 ECTS credits.