Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement is a contract that is concluded between you, your home university and the KU and regulates the courses you intend to take during your semester abroad at the KU. It has to be concluded before your semester abroad and can be adapted if you change your choise of courses during your semester abroad.

Please click here for information about the courses we offer. The final course offer will only be available a few weeks before the start of the semester i.e. in August for the winter semester and in February for the summer semester). Therefore, when preparing your Learning Agreement, please use the course offer of the previous year.


Learning Agreement

You are welcome to use the template of your home university instead.


Step- by- step guide for concluding the Learning Agreement:

  1. Select the courses you intend to take and list them in the Learning Agreement.
  2. Sign the Learning Agreement and have it checked and signed by your home university.
  3. Upload the Learning Agreement to Mobility-Online as part of your application uploads.
  4. Your Learning Agreement will be checked and signed at the KU and then returned to you.


How to change the Learning Agreement after your arrival:

Campus Eichstätt:
  1. Discuss your changes with your Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator at the KU.
  2. Have the modified Learning Agreement signed by your Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator and then submit it to the International Office for signature.
Campus Ingolstadt:
  1. If you are an Erasmus+ student or if your home university requires a modified Learning Agreement, please edit the section “During the Mobility” or complete a new Learning Agreement with your final course choice.
  2. Send the Learning Agreement by e-mail to the International Office or submit it in person during our office hours.
  3. The International Office will have your Learning Agreement signed and will then send it back to you by e-mail within a few days.

Transcript of Records (ToR)

The Transcript of Records (ToR) is an official document confirming (equivalent to a grades report) the modules you have been attending successfully (including the number of ECTS credits and grade/results). The ToR can be issued as soon as all exam results are entered into KU Campus. Please note that the document does not confirm any modules that you have not passed.

If you are a non-degree seeking exchange student (Erasmus+ and other exchange programs), the ToR is issued automatically. You simply have to upload a signed declaration of consent in Mobility Online. The International Office can send the document either to you or to your home university (depending on your preferences).

The date of issuance of your ToR depends on the respective examination period. Lecturers usually only enter the examination results in KU Campus once all students in the module have completed their examination. If, for example, you have to write a term paper in the summer semester and the deadline for submission is not until October, the grades will not be entered in KU Campus until after that. If you need to know your examination result earlier (because it is required by your home university), please contact the respective lecturer and jointly arrange an early submission date and early registration of your examination result.

If you have any questions regarding the ToR, you can always contact Jessica Hofmacher (Campus Eichstätt) and Alice Rohn (Campus Ingolstadt), incoming@ku.de.

The grading system of the Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

KU Grading System

According to the examination regulations of the KU, the grades and grading levels are predominantly scaled as follows; however, please note that only the provisions of the respective examination regulations are decisive.

In Bachelor's and Master's programs, the grading of examination performances is carried out according to the German grading system (with the value "1" as the best and the value "5" as the worst grade). An examination is passed if it is graded at least "sufficient" (4.0) or "passed".