Our Housing Service

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The International Office supports you finding accommodation and offers a free Housing Service.

You can register for our Housing Service as part of your online application. Afterwards you will receive a housing offer from us – if possible taking into account your preferences.

Accommodation arranged by us usually has to be rented for a whole semester (6 months) or for a whole academic year (12 months) – depending on how long you study with us. Shorter rental periods are rarely possible.

For this service you only have to transfer a service deposit of € 350 (including a € 50 administration fee which is non-refundable). This deposit will be refunded a few weeks after the orderly termination of the tenancy (i.e. all due rents have been paid and no major damage has been caused that the rental deposit does not cover). Please upload our Refund Form to Mobility-Online after the end of your stay in Germany.

In addition, you must expect to pay a rental deposit the landlord will demand from you. The rental deposit usually amounts to two or at most three months' rent and will also be refunded after the orderly termination of the tenancy by your housing provider.

How to register: Exchange students including those in an Erasmus program or double degree program as well as free movers (who only want to study at the KU for one or two semesters) can subscribe to this service in their application submitted to the International Office. All other international students, please contact welcome(at)ku.de.


Self-organized accommodation search

If you wish to organize your own accommodation, we advise you start looking at least 3 months before the beginning of your stay in Germany.

Here you will find more detailed tips and useful links:

Housing Guide - Campus Eichstätt

Housing Guide - Campus Ingolstadt

Sample Handover Protocol

Sample Rental Contract

Sample letter of cancelation (only the German version is legally accepted in Germany)