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Application for full degree programs

We are delighted that you have chosen the KU for your studies. On this page you will find the most important information about the application and admission requirements. One of the most important will be proof of your  German language proficiency because in almost all courses German is the language of instruction.

Information on German courses is available on the Language Center website.

However, you may also visit English-language courses that are currently offered primarily at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics in Ingolstadt and at the Department of Sociology.

Depending on your nationality, you must also take the necessary steps to obtain a visa in good time.

For questions about life in Eichstätt, the Student Advisory Service and in particular the International Office are available to help you.

All foreign nationals, including EU citizens, who do not have a German university entrance qualification must submit the 'Application form for admission to Germany university for international applicants with foreign qualification'. Otherwise the same admission requirements as for German applicants apply.

Application for international degree-seeking students

In addition to a possible consideration of the dates for an aptitude test (for applicants who are not EU citizens this may be as early as up to January 15), all foreign applicants (including EU citizens) must submit an application for admission. The following deadlines apply for this application:

  • to start a program in the summer semester: January 15 (usually only possible if starting in a higher semester)
  • to start a program in the winter semester: July 15 for university programs or June 15 for Fachhochschule programs

The application for admission must be sent directly to the Student Office of the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. Bildungsinländer – students who obtained their university entrance qualification in Germany – are treated as German for the purposes of application and must apply in accordance with requirements for German students.

Dateisymbol Application for admission to German university

Dateisymbol Information on the application for admission


Please send your application to:

Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
Maria Gerner
85071 Eichstätt


Required documents:

You should send the following documents for your application:

  • Completed application for admission
  • Certified copies of educational certificates
  • Translation of educational qualifications in German, English or French by a sworn translator (higher education entrance qualification and all educational certificates if required)
  • Proof of passing the TestDaF or DSH examination (may be submitted up to the beginning of the semester)
  • APS certificates if applicable
  • CV in tabular form

Admission of international degree-seeking students – university degree programs

Since the education systems are very different in each country, there is a central office for foreign education in the Federal Republic of Germany that classifies foreign univeristy entrance qualifications as belonging to one of two categories:

a) Direct access to higher education

The foreign school-leaving qualification (possibly in conjunction with previous periods of university study) is considered equivalent to the German university entrance qualification (Hochschulreife). In this case, you are 'only' required to prove that you have sufficient knowledge of German.

b) Study entitlement without direct access to higher education

Your school-leaving qualification is not considered equivalent to the German university entrance qualification, so you have to take an assessment test to demonstrate that you are qualified for university study. To assist in the preparation for the assessment test you will be offered the option to attend the Studienkolleg. The Studienkolleg for the Bavarian universities located in Munich.

Each foreign applicant who has submitted an application to the KU containing all the required documents and within the applicable deadline receives the following information:

  • support or reference to the requirement to take the German language examination (DSH) if not already proven – if you belong to group a
  • date for the entrance examination for the Studienkolleg – if you belong to the group b

If you fail the entrance examination for the Studienkolleg you may repeat it up to two times; if you fail the assessment test you may only repeat it once.