Working towards your Doctoral Degree

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The doctoral thesis is an independent piece of research. It must reflect both the current state of research in the relevant area while also contributing to the further development of knowledge in that field. The dissertation can be either a monograph of a research topic i.e. a detailed written study of a single specialized topic (Oxford English Dictionary, 2021[CS1] ), or an article-based thesis. Article-based doctoral theses comprise several shorter scientific publications. These articles share an overarching conceptual theme that is presented in a summary statement (synopsis).

With the help of your supervisor, you should determine at an early stage whether you need to acquire any additional skills to enable you to conduct your research. Challenges often occur when you are actually carrying out your research and writing your dissertation, which is why it is important to continuously evaluate and reflect on your own work (e.g. is the research still focused on the original research question? Have you consistently adhered to the research objectives?) and also have regular meetings with your supervisor. During these meetings, you should review the steps agreed in the supervision agreement and amend them if necessary.

 [CS1]Source: online Oxford English Dictionary (, accessed at 10.30 am on 19.09.2021)

Career Development through Professional and Interdisciplinary Training Opportunities

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In addition to conducting your own independent research, the Academic Careers Team offers an education and training program tailored to the needs of doctoral candidates. The range of courses covers subject-specific and subject-related courses as well as an extensive, interdisciplinary program of courses run by qualified trainers. The aim of the program is to provide you with support in writing your doctoral thesis and also help you prepare for the next stage of your career.

Information on the program can be found here: Workshop-Program

In addition, the KU provides targeted support for female junior researchers through a range of measures offered by the Women's and Equal Opportunities Officer:

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International Mobility

International Mobility

Intercultural experiences and international networks often play a key role in successful personal and professional development, whether in the fields of science and business, or in society as a whole. In keeping with its guiding principle of enhancing our international profile the KU encourages young researchers to take part in international scientific conferences and teaching or research stays abroad. The KU International Office will be happy to advise you on international mobility at every stage of your doctoral studies.

Please contact the team of the International Office for more information.