Resilience Research and Mental Hygiene in the Context of Critical Life Events

How do critical accidental life events or normative life transitions affect the quality and stability of relationships? Derived from the results of the investigation of this question, pastoral-psychological practice initiatives and materials are conceived which offer those affected subsidiary support as well as facilitate a well-founded accompaniment of those affected in the context of pastoral care, especially in military chaplaincy.

Within the framework of the investigations of resilience and mental hygiene, the following question is investigated: How do soldiers affected by foreign missions and their relatives deal with − possible − existential fears considering physical, psychological and social endangerment, for example, fear of injury, death or trauma, fear of burnout and the effects of active weapon use? Central to the investigations are above all the effects on one's own mental health and on the quality of relationships.

Another focus of this project is the situation of military chaplains under the project title "Psychohygiene von Militärseelsorgern im Kontext von Auslandseinsätzen".


Arbeitsheft Psychohygiene Militärseelsorger
Spiritualität und psychische Widerstandsfähigkeit im Kontext von Auslandseinsätzen stärken
Arbeitsheft für Militärseelsorger
Was Militärseelsorger* bewegt. Reflexion - Selbstkonzept - Perspektive
Arbeitshilfen für die Katholische Militärseelsorge
Streitkräfte im Einsatz - Familie im Einsatz Belastung zu Stärken machen Eine Handreichung und Arbeitshilfen für die Katholische Militärseelsorge