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The working group "Forum K'Universale" seeks to contribute to the profile of the KU in such a way that the "K" question is placed in the context of contemporary and important issues, which are discussed in an interdisciplinary way. The concept has the objective of imparting students the following skills in the courses:

  1. Ability to identify different modes of reality as independent forms of human rationality (cognitive-instrumental, aesthetic-expressive, normative-evaluative, constitutive rationality) and to think about them against the backdrop of a broadened horizon opened up by religion and religions as a further form of rationality;
  2. Practice a responsible approach to pluralism and the ability to take a well-founded stand on issues of fundamental importance even in controversial, open discussion situations, and to represent the own personal convictions;
  3. Reflection of human action in the awareness of the fundamental limitations of resources for action and insight with the aim of sustainable practice.

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Seit WS 2018/19 erscheinen die Ergebnisse der K'Universale-Ringvorlesung als Sammelband bei transcript.

The working group "Forum K'Universale"

Chair of Didactics of Religion, Catechetics, and Religious Education, Head of the K'Universale
Martin Kirschner
Prof. Dr. Martin Kirschner
Direktor ZRKG/Sprecher FF III
Joost van Loon
Prof. Dr. Joost van Loon
Chair of General Sociology and Sociological Theory
Room: KAP-102
Thomas Pittrof
Prof. Dr. Thomas Pittrof
stv. Direktor ZRKG/Sprecher FF I
Michael Winklmann
Dr. Michael Winklmann