Faculty of Philosophy and Education

The Faculty of Philosophy and Education at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt consists of the departments of Education, Philosophy, Psychology, Art, Music, Sports, and Business and Vocational Education. With around 900 students, it is the University’s third largest faculty.

The faculty offers the following degree programs:

  • Bachelor’s degree program in Applied Musicology and Music Education
  • Bachelor’s degree program in Education
  • Bachelor’s degree program in Psychology
  • Master’s degree program in Psychology

It also runs a wide range of courses for students of the following degree programs:

  • Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s/Master’s degree program
  • LehramtPlus teaching degree programs
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Faculty of Philosophy and Education

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Departments and chairs

  • Chair of Philosophy of Education and Educational Theory
  • Professorship of History of Education and Comparative Education
  • Chair of School Education
  • Chair of Social Pedagogy
  • Chair of Adult Education and Extracurricular Youth Education
  • Chair of Elementary Education
  • Chair of Philosophy
  • Professorship of Bioethics
  • Professorship of Didactics of Ethics
  • Chair of Psychology I: Clinical and Biological Psychology
  • Professorship of Psychology II: General Psychology II
  • Professorship of Psychology III: Social and Organizational Psychology
  • Professorship of Psychology IV: Psychological Diagnosis and Intervention with a focus on School Psychology
  • Chair of Psychology V: Developmental and Educational Psychology
  • Chair of Psychology VI: General Psychology
  • Chair of Art Education
  • Professorship of Musicology
  • Professorship of Music Education and Music Didactics
  • Didactics of Physical Education
  • University Sports
Business and vocational Education
  • Didactics of Business and Vocational Education