The chair offers courses in the different areas of public finance. In addition, we train the students in scientific methods. It is our aim to give the students a profound understanding of government activities and to train them in analytic thinking.

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Bachelor and Master Theses

We supervise Bachelor and Master theses on tax policy and other topics related to public economics. To write your thesis at the Chair of Economics, esp. Public Economics, it is necessary to fulfil certain requirements: You should have successfully completed two of our courses for writing a Bachelor thesis and one of our courses for writing a Master thesis. (Students who do not fulfil this requirement may be considered too, but only as an exception to the rule.) Moreover, you must fulfil the requirements laid out by the examination regulations.

You can write your Bachelor or Master thesis at our chair choosing one of our suggested topics. (see here for Bachelor and Master (just ask us for the password)) You can also come up with own ideas if they fit into the areas of research and teaching of our chair. Feel free to contact us.

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