Legal framework for the compatibility of work and family

Below you will find an overview of the state regulations regarding maternity and parental leave. In addition, we have compiled the services with which KU supports employees with children here for you.


Maternity leave

Schwangere Frau

As a pregnant employee you are entitled to maternity leave. The maternity protection includes in particular protection of health at the workplace, special protection against dismissal, a ban on employment in the weeks before and after the birth (usually six weeks before the calculated date of birth until eight weeks after the (calculated) date of birth), and income security during the employment ban.

Detailed general information on maternity leave can be found in the family portal of the Federal Ministry for Family, Women and Youth under this link and in this brochure.

On the website of the Family Service you will find the most important information for pregnant employees of the KU and the corresponding forms. You can find more detailed information here.

Parental leave

Elternzeit, weiß auf schwarze Tafel geschrieben

Information about parental leave and parental allowance can be found on the following websites:

Important information from the Human Resources Department can be found in the brochure on "Career and Familiy - A Guide" and generally on the Family Service website.

Flexible working hours


A service agreement on flexible working hours has been concluded for science support staff, which allows for flexible working hours. The framework working time (between the earliest start of service and the latest end of service) covers the period from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. For more information, see the agreement on flextime.



Mann vor Computer mit Kind auf dem Schoß

A framework agreement was concluded for the science support staff of the KU on the establishment of teleworking jobs in order to better combine work and family responsibilities. Further information can be found here.


Regulations for the qualification phase

Bücherstapel mit Doktorhut

In order to improve the compatibility of family responsibilities and your academic qualification work (doctorate or habilitation), certain regulations in the Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz (Law on Temporary Scientific Contracts) provide for the consideration of child-raising periods when calculating the duration of a fixed-term contract. Further information from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research can be foun here.