Financial issues & scholarships

Gestapelte Münzen

You do not have to pay tuition fees to study at the KU. There is only a semester fee of  78 EUR per semester. Students who require a visa must provide proof of an amount of 11,208 EUR per year of studies that is kept in a blocked account (please also see section on visa).

The costs of living in Ingolstadt or Eichstätt are relatively low compared to large university cities. Rental costs in subsidized student residences (offered by the Studentenwerk Erlangen, the Canisius-Stiftung or the St. Gundekarwerk) range between 250 EUR to 350 EUR per month depending on size and furnishing. Rental costs in privately owned residences are slightly higher and range around 600 EUR per month in Ingolstadt. In Eichstätt, rental costs are generally slightly lower.

All KU students can eat in the University’s canteen at favorable prices from Monday to Friday. The price for a main dish is between 2.50 EUR and 3 EUR. Health insurance costs for internationals in Germany are approx. 110 EUR per month. In total, you should plan with monthly costs between 950 EUR and 1,100 EUR.

You can also find a student job in which you can work up to 240 half days (or 120 full days) per calendar year. A job as a student assistant is exempt from this rule, which means that you can additionally work as a so-called “Hiwi” at the KU. Useful information on this topic is provided in the flyer "Job regulations for international students in Germany" of the "Deutsches Studierendenwerk". For additional assistance and counselling you may contact the KU Career Center.  

KU Scholarships

DAAD Prize

This prize, endowed with € 1,000.00 EUR, is awarded once a year to an outstanding student of the KU (preferably Master's or PhD). Exchange students and guest students cannot be sponsored.

Call for applications 2024: download (pdf)

The application deadline is March 31 of each year.

Future Ukraine – Scholarships for Refugees from Ukraine at the KU

Target group:

  • Ukrainian nationals who had their center of life in Ukraine until February 24, 2022, and/or who have been in Germany as exchange students since the winter semester 2021/22, could not return due to the war, and are now pursuing a degree in Germany
  • Third-country nationals or stateless persons who enjoy international protection in Ukraine, as well as their family members, provided they resided in Ukraine before or on February 24, 2022, and are now pursuing a degree in Germany
  • Third-country nationals who have resided in Ukraine with a permanent residence permit prior to or on February 24, 2022, and who cannot safely return to their country of origin, and are now pursuing a degree in Germany

Application deadline: New applications can currently be submitted at any time.

For more information, please visit this page.

DAAD-STIBET 2024 partial scholarships for international KU students

Target group: International KU students from the 2nd semester onwards. 

Application deadline: 14 July 2024

For further information, please click HERE