General forms and information for students of all degree programs


Here you will find forms and information concerning your studies.
If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact the team at the Examinations Office.
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Modular studies at the KU | Adjustments to compensate for disabilities/impairments | Final thesis


Modular studies at the KU

Information on modular studies

Basic information

Module examinations

Types of examination

Information on participating in written examinations


Studying and family

Information on maternity protection, pregnancy and breastfeeding period during your studies:

Information on maternity protection, pregnancy and breastfeeding period during your studies is available here.


Guidelines on family-friendly regulations for students:

KU Guidelines


Completing modules multiple times

Adjustments to compensate for disabilities/impairments


Students with disabilities of any kind – be it wheelchair users or students with walking or visual impairments but also students with allergies, food intolerances, dyslexia, or learning difficulties – can contact the officer for students with disabilities for advice on all issues concerning their studies and examinations or in connection with any other problems they may encounter.


General information

Should a permanent or prolonged disability or equivalent impairment prevent students from sitting examinations, attending courses or completing assessments that are required during their course of study, they can apply for adjustments to compensate for the disability with regard to the respective examination(s). They send their application to the chairperson of the board of examiners of their degree program.

Possible reasons for adjustments to compensate for disabilities/impairments generally differ between permanent, i.e. non-temporary, and longer lasting, i.e. temporary impairments.

  • Typical cases of permanent impairments are, for example, visual impairments, paralyses and/or malformations of the limbs.
  • Typical cases of longer lasting impairments are, for example, bone fractures or a severe illness.
  • As a rule, the following impairments are not considered eligible cases for adjustments to compensate for disabilities/impairments: Stress during exams, exam anxiety or concentration problems, which are based on tensions and strains typically associated with the exam situation, since each candidate is more or less exposed to this depending on their constitution.


Procedure for adjustment

Motions and applications

For questions or advice regarding the needs-based design of the respective examination conditions and offers for support, students and chairpersons of the boards of examiners can contact the Officer for Students with Disabilities, Chronic Illnesses and Impairments at the KU, Dr. Renate Hackel-de Latour.


Final thesis

Forms on issues regarding the final thesis

Extension of submission deadline

If you can provide proof of reasons that are not within your control, you can extend the permissible time for working on your thesis. Please fill out this application:


Extension of the processing time of the Bachelor's/Master's thesis for important reasons

Changing the thesis title

If, during the process of writing your thesis, you find that the title of your thesis needs to be specified, you can do so using the following form:


Application for changing the title of the final thesis after the topic has been issued

Please note that the original topic must not change in principle!

A subsequent change of title is only possible for students of degree programs at the Eichstätt campus.

Accreditation of a final thesis

Accreditation of an already submitted final thesis as a Bachelor’s/Master’s thesis

If you have already written and submitted a final thesis in another degree program, you can also have it accredited to your current degree program as a Bachelor's/Master's thesis.

To do so, please fill out the following form and submit it to the Examinations Office:

Form for accreditation of a final thesis


Please attach the following documents to the form:

  • Final thesis
  • Confirmation of the grade awarded for the final thesis
  • Assessment of the final thesis
Accreditation of a written assignment in accordance with LPO I as a Bachelor’s thesis

Students of teaching degree programs can have their written assignment recognized as a Bachelor's/Master's thesis in accordance with the examination regulations for the teaching profession (LPO I).

The following form is required for accreditation:

Accreditation of a written assignment (LPO I) as a Bachelor's thesis


Please attach the written assignment to the form as an annex.

Information on the final thesis

General information on the final thesis

University degree programs:

Information on the final thesis


Fachhochschule (FH) degree programs:

Information on the final thesis


Cover page of the final thesis

Information on the cover page

Your final thesis must contain the following required information on the cover page:

  • Personal details (name, date of birth, student registration number)
  • Bachelor’s/Master’s thesis
  • Degree program and semester
  • Topic of your thesis in German and English (must match with the topic submitted upon registration)
  • Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
  • Reviewer