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The KU stands for a scientific and educational culture of responsibility. Educational processes at the KU are shaped by an open, critical and reflective exchange between students and lecturers. In interdisciplinary discourse and cooperation with educational partners in the region, by addressing socially pressing issues in research and teaching, and by fostering personal development, the educational understanding at the KU shall do justice to the individual person as a whole.

Studium.Pro is the platform that helps integrate these elements into our degree programs. The ‘Pro’ in it stands for: Profile and profession, as well as proactive engagement with society. Studium.Pro offers KU students a wide range of opportunities to enrich their studies by deepening their knowledge of their fields of study and broadening their understanding of areas outside of these fields:

  • Pro Discourse: Inform yourself - weigh up arguments against each other - competently represent your own opinion
  • Pro Horizons: Look beyond your own horizon - be inspired by unknown subjects and topics
  • Pro Society: Acquire scientific skills and learn to apply them for the benefit of society
  • Pro Career: Prepare for your professional life - discover career paths
  • Pro Internationals: Getting active in internationalization - gaining practical experience abroad



Studium.Pro as a component of degree programs

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In the medium term, Studium.Pro will be implemented in all degree programs as a required component. This means that in the future, all students will be required to obtain a minimum of 5 ECTS credits in Studium.Pro from the areas Pro Discourse, Pro Horizons, or Pro Society. However, the areas Pro Career and Pro Internationals cannot be used for this. As much as 20 degree programs have already integrated Studium.Pro into their curricula or are currently working on its integration.

In addition, offers from Studium.Pro can also be chosen in the free elective areas of various degree programs – please refer to the examination regulations of your degree program.

The Team

Ulrich Kropač
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kropač
Chair of Didactics of Religion, Catechetics, and Religious Education, Head of the K'Universale
Michael Winklmann
Dr. Michael Winklmann
Program Development Officer