Forum K´Universale

Studierende im Biergarten der Mensa

The Forum K'Universale Eichstätt-Ingolstadt is a project based at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt which was started in 2011 and has the interdisciplinary objective of strengthening and developing the University’s profile through cooperation between students and lecturers. The small working group which has initiated the project and which consists of Professors at the University has decided to tackle current critical and socially relevant topics and questions by approaching them both from a Catholic “K” aspect and an interdisciplinary perspective. Like this, the basic ideal of university life is taken into account which strives for imparting knowledge within the meaning of an overarching (“Catholic”) and general (“universal”) education.

Forum K´Universale choses a different annual theme each year which is presented in the winter semester in form of an interdisciplinary lecture series and approached in detail during the summer semester in accompanying subject-specific seminars. At the same time, the contributions to the annual themes are published in an own series.

The interdisciplinary focus of the forum creates an open space for encounter accessible to all in which research and teaching, religion and science as well as individuals and society are confronted with each other and invited to fruitful cooperation. 


Körperkreativitäten (body creativities) - volume 8 (to be published in october)

Körperkreativitäten. Gesellschaftliche Aushandlungen mit dem menschlichen Körper (body creativities. Social negotiations with the human body)

published by Angela Treiber and Rainer Wenrich

volume 8 (2020)

© transcript
Europa (Europe) - volume 7 (2019)

Europa - Krisen, Vergewisserungen, Visionen. Interdisziplinäre Annäherungen (Europe – Crises, reassurances, visions
Interdisciplinary Approaches)

published by Martin Kirschner and Richard Nate

volume 7 (2019)

© transcript
Gewalt (violence) - volume 6 (2017)

Gewalt (violence)

published by Ulrich Kropač and Bernhard Sill

volume 6 (2017)

Flucht (flight) - volume 5 (2017)

Flucht (flight)

published by Florian Kluger

volume 5 (2017)

Alter(n) ((to) age) - volume 4 (2015)

Alter(n) ((to) age)

published by Bernhard Sill

volume 4 (2015)

Bildung und Univers(al)ität (education and univers(al)ity) - volume (2015)

Bildung und Univers(al)ität (education and univers(al)ity)

published by Ulrich Kropač and Thomas Pittrof

volume 3 (2015)

Zeitzeichen (signs of time) - volume 2 (2014)

Zeitzeichen (signs of time)

published by Ulrich Kropač and Bernhad Sill

volume 2 (2014)

Scheitern (failure) - volumer 1 (2014)

Scheitern (failure)

published by Gabriele Gien and Bernhard Sill

volume 1 (2014)