Religious education in schools in the horizon of growing non-denominationalism.


With a view to the current religious situation it becomes clear that non-denominationalism has gone from being an exception to the norm. Against this background, religious education faces the following challenges:

  • Many pupils are de jure non-denominational and take part in ethics lessons (without religious education).
  • Many baptized pupils are de facto non-denominational but take part in religious education.
  • A considerable number of non-denominational pupils take part in denominationally oriented religious education - not (no longer) only in East Germany.

The research project will therefore focus on the following questions:

What does this mean for...

  • ... religious education processes in denominational religious instruction?
  • ... possible forms of organization of religious education?
  • ... the significance of ethics education and its relationship to religious education?

Project data

Project Management

  • Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kropač (Eichstätt)
  • Prof. Dr. Mirjam Schambeck sf (Freiburg)

Project data

  • Start: Kick-off on 06./07.10.2021 with a think tank event

Project progress and results

October 2021: Think Tank


From 6 to 7 October 2021, a research workshop on the topic of "Religious Education in Schools in the Horizon of Growing Non-denominationalism" under the direction of Prof. Dr. Mirjam Schambeck sf (Freiburg) and Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kropač is planned in Eichstätt.

The conference of experts, conceived as a think tank, will focus on religious education and ethics education as subjects that are originally concerned with religion-related questions. The question arises as to how religious education in schools should be changed in the face of growing de-confessionalization and secularization in Germany.

(Organizational changes due to the Corona Pandemic are reserved)

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December 2019: Presentation of the project idea


In December 2019 Prof. Kropač presented the project idea at the annual conference of the Center for Teacher Education.


Poster of the presentation (in German)