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43rd IAD Conference - Field Trips

Two field trips will take place on Friday, 11th June


1. Danube Floodplain Forests – Challenges and chances for their restoration

Main focus of this field trip will be the floodplain forest, which is located next to the conference venue, the more than 1200 ha large alluvial forest around the Castle of Grünau and the study area of the host Aueninstitut Neuburg. The large effort to reconnect the floodplain with the Danube and the success of 10 years of restoration will be demonstrated. Additional sites will be visited where different aspects (flood risk prevention, nature conservation) will be discussed.


2. The Danube Gorge at Weltenburg Abbey

50 km downstream of Neuburg, the Danube is still in its natural shape. Its valley becomes more narrow and winding. On a stretch of 5 km, the river cuts its way through the up to 70 m high lime stone ridge. We will visit the near-natural hill side forests and rock vegetation before we will descend to the waterfront and the wonderfully located Weltenburg Abbey with its baroque church and refreshing beer garden. The field trip will end with a boat trip through the Danube Gorge.