First steps for studying abroad - your start into the world

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Your first steps for studying abroad at KU

Studying abroad can enrich your academic career and personal development in many ways. To make your path abroad as smooth as possible, we recommend the following steps:

1. Get informed

On our website you will find all relevant information about our different exchange programs (Worldwide, Erasmus+ and Faculty programs), partner universities and funding opportunities. Use these resources to get a comprehensive overview. Also read our FAQ's!

2. Visit our information events

We regularly offer information events where you can get first-hand information about the opportunities and challenges of studying abroad. Take the opportunity to address your questions directly to experts and former exchange students. Click: Overview of our info event program.

3. Organize your documents

Early preparation is the key to a successful semester abroad. Obtain all necessary documents, especially your language certificate, as early as possible. Some programs require specific language skills, which you can prove through recognized tests. The exact requirements for each program can be found on the respective page: Worldwide, Erasmus+ and Faculty-programs.

Start your international career now and discover the world with KU!

Your path to studying abroad:

Why go abroad?

Why go abroad?

Warum ins Ausland

Life-changing benefits

Studying abroad means much more than just spending a semester or a year in another city or country. It's a life-changing experience that offers you unique benefits that go far beyond academic study. Not only will you have the opportunity of experiencing a new educational system, but also a whole new culture, a new language, and new people. By immersing yourself in a different environment, you grow beyond yourself and expand your understanding of the world we live in.

Personal development

Studying abroad strengthens your independence and self-confidence. You will learn how to navigate a new environment, solve problems, make decisions, and possibly even communicate in another language. All of these experiences help you develop as a person and get more mature.

Career boost

Aside from personal development, studying abroad also brings numerous professional benefits. Employers greatly appreciate when applicants can demonstrate international experience and intercultural skills. It shows that you are flexible, adaptable and open to new challenges. Studying abroad can be an essential pillar for your career and opens doors that might otherwise have remained closed.

We encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity. You will gain valuable insights and skills from every moment of your study abroad experience that will serve you well in your future academic and professional careers.

The right thing for you: How to make your decision


Considerations and tips for decision-making

Studying abroad is an exciting but challenging endeavor. Having to choose the right program, the right university, and even the right country can feel overwhelming. In this section, we provide you with some considerations and tips that may help you in your decision-making process.

Setting your goals

Before you decide to study abroad, you should clearly define your personal and academic goals. Would you like to learn a new language, specialize in a particular field, or simply expand your intercultural skills? Your goals will help you choose the right program and university.

Research and information

Thorough research is essential. Take advantage of all available resources, from brochures and websites to counseling sessions with the International Office and testimonials from other students. The more you know, the easier your decision will be.

Financial aspects

Studying abroad usually comes at a cost. Consider ahead of time how you will be able to pay for applicable fees, living expenses, and possible travel costs. Also find out about scholarships and other funding opportunities.

Language preparation

Even though many degree programs are offered in English, it can be very helpful to learn the language of the host country, or at least to acquire a basic knowledge of it. This will not only enrich your study experience, but also make your everyday life abroad easier.

Network and support

Talk to people who have had study abroad experiences. Their advice can be extremely valuable. Family and friends can also be good advisors when it comes to making a decision.

Every decision is individual, and there is no "right" or "wrong". It is important that you make a choice that fits your personal and academic goals. We are here to support you in every step along the way in your decision-making process.

Your options at a glance


Studying abroad can be realized in various forms. Below, we present an overview of the main options that our University has on offer for you.

Exchange programs: Broaden your global horizons

Exchange programs allow you to study at one of our partner universities for a certain period of time. These programs are usually easier to organize and often eligible for financial support. Recognition of credits earned abroad is also usually easier, as there are often already existing agreements between the universities.

At our university, we offer a variety of opportunities for you to gain international experience. Whether you want to spend an academic trimester, semester or even a whole year abroad - we have the right program for you. Here, you will find a brief overview of our exchange programs:

Worldwide Program:

The KU's worldwide exchange program allows you to spend a semester or year of study at one of our many partner universities around the globe. From the USA to Australia, from Africa to Asia - the world is yours to explore. This program is ideal for students who want to gain a broad range of academic and cultural experiences. You have the option of taking courses in your field of study or in other disciplines as well. Further information about this program can be found here: Worldwide Program.


The Erasmus+ program is a great way of exploring Europe. It offers students the chance to study at a European university while receiving financial support through Erasmus+ funding. Erasmus+ places great emphasis on the recognition of achievements gained abroad, so that usually, you can continue your studies seamlessly. In addition, language courses and cultural events are often offered as part of the program to facilitate integration. Further information about this program can be found here: Erasmus+.

Faculty programs:

Some faculties at KU offer their own specialized exchange programs. These faculty-led programs are often tailored to specific subject areas or topics and provide an intensive academic experience. Sometimes, they also maintain special partnerships with institutions that are particularly renowned in the respective field. They are ideal if you want to explore your field in depth and are looking for specific research opportunities or internships. At the KU, the Ingolstadt School of Management (WFI) and the Faculty of History and Social Sciences (GGF) currently offer faculty-led programs. Further information about this program can be found here: Faculty programs.

No matter which program fits your academic and personal goals best, the KU has you covered. The Outgoing Team at the International Office is here to assist you in every step on the way of your adventure abroad – from planning to returning.

Free movers: The individual way

As a free mover, you organize your stay abroad completely independently. You are not restricted to the KU's partner universities and are free to choose your study location, courses and length of stay. While this option requires more initiative and organization, it also offers maximum flexibility. Further information is available here: Free movers

Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages and requires different preparation work. Which path is right for you depends on your personal goals, flexibility and commitment. The Outgoing Team at the International Office is available to advise you on all considerations and help you make the best decision for you.

Financial aspects of studying abroad: exchange program vs. free movers

If you choose to study abroad in one of our exchange programs, you will usually benefit from reduced or even waived tuition fees at the host university. This provides significant financial relief and allows more students to gain international experience. However, if you decide to go the "free mover" way, i.e. if you organize your stay abroad independently and not through an exchange program, you will usually have to pay full tuition fees at the foreign university. In this case "Auslands-BAföG" can be an option to cover part of the costs. BAföG for a stay abroad is often granted more generously than BAföG for studies within Germany and can make a significant contribution to financing your studies.

Our partner universities in focus


Choosing the right study location is of crucial importance for the success of your study abroad experience. Our University is proud of its vast global network that includes a number of world-class educational institutions. In this section, we introduce our partner universities and provide a world map that will help you better visualize your options.

Network of possibilities: Our partner universities

Our partner universities are carefully selected to cover a wide range of academic disciplines and cultural experiences. From Asia to the Americas, our partners offer diverse opportunities for your studies and personal development.

  • Academic excellence: Our partners are known for their high academic standards and have a wide range of courses in their portfolio that can open up new perspectives for you.
  • Cultural diversity: With partners in different parts of the world, you can choose a study environment that gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a completely new culture, language and way of life.
  • Research and practice: Some of our partners are leaders in research and innovation, allowing you to gain valuable experience in your field.

World map of study locations

We offer an interactive world map that shows all our partner universities and their geographic locations that will help you finding your ideal study location. This map gives you a convenient overview of where studying abroad is possible. In addition to the map, we have also prepared an input mask. Here, you can specify the exchange program you are interested in and your degree program to get a customized overview of your options. This will help you decide which option best fits your academic and personal goals.: World map with partner universities.

Timeline for bachelor students


Are you dreaming of a semester abroad? We support you in every step along the way. Here is your detailed timeline for a successful study abroad adventure:

Semester 1: Laying the foundation
  • Answer your first questions: Consider where you want your path to take you and which program is best suited for that. What are the prerequisites you need to meet?
  • Attend the info event in December: This event will give you an initial overview and answer basic questions. You can find the date in the section Info events on studying abroad
Semester 2: Specification and consultation
  • Program-specific info sessions: There are info sessions about each program at the beginning of the semester. Take the time to learn more about each program. You can find the dates in the Study Abroad Info Sessions section.
  • Personal consultation: If you still have individual questions or concerns after the info sessions, we are available for personal consultations.
Semester 3: Application phase at the KU
  • Application: Now is the time to submit your application for your program of choice. All information can be found at the respective programs:
  • Application Procedure Info Events: These events explain the respective application process in detail. You can find the dates in the section Study Abroad Info Sessions.
  • Documents and deadlines: Gather all required documents and make sure to meet the respective application deadlines.
Semester 4: Fine-tuning and organization
  • Application at the host university: After successful application for the program at the KU and after your nomination at the host university, you will have to apply at the host university.
  • Preparing for the study abroad visit: From insurance to vaccinations to visa applications - now you should clarify all organizational details.
  • Documents and deadlines: Final checks and document submission.
Semester 5 or 6: Study abroad
  • Study and live abroad: Take advantage of this unique opportunity of personal and academic growth.

Timeline for Master students (start in winter semester)


A stay abroad is an excellent way to enrich your Master's studies. Therefore, we recommend contacting the International Office for an initial consultation before you begin your studies. Here is your schedule:

Before starting your studies: Early planning
  • First consultation: Schedule an appointment with the International Office's Outgoing team to discuss your options.
Semester 1: Orientation and application
  • General Info Session: At the beginning of the semester, you will receive a comprehensive overview of the study abroad programs. Please see the Study Abroad Info Sessions section for dates.
  • Program-specific info session: Get detailed information about the program you are interested in. Dates can be found in the Study Abroad Info Sessions section.
  • Application: Submit your applicationfor the chosen program by the deadline and have all required documents ready.
Semester 2: Fine-tuning and details
  • Application at the host university: After successful application for the program at the KU and after your nomination at the host university, you will have to apply at the host university.
  • Preparing for the study abroad visit: Clarify all organizational details now, from visas to accommodation and course registration.
Semester 3 or 4: Study abroad
  • Study and life experience: this is your chance to grow in a new academic environment and sharpen your intercultural skills.
Special case: Study abroad in semester 5
  • Apply in the 3rd semester: if you plan to study abroad in the 5th semester, you should submit your application in the 3rd semester.

Timeline for Master students (start in summer semester)


Studying abroad opens up a wealth of opportunities for you, both academically and personally. Here is your individual schedule to make the process as smooth as possible:

Semester 1: Basics and orientation
  • Clarify basic questions: Consider early which country and program are the right one for you. What are the prerequisites?
  • Info sessions: At the beginning of the semester, we offer general and program-specific info events. Dates can be found in the Study Abroad Info Sessions section.
  • Personal counseling: If you have further questions or uncertainties, our team is available for personal counseling.
Semester 2: Application process
  • Application Info Session: Learn more about the application process and what documents are required. Click: Study Abroad Info Sessions.
  • Submit Application: Follow the deadlines and submit your application for the program you want to attend.
Semester 3: Fine-tuning
  • Apply at the partner university: After you have successfully applied to KU and have been nominated, you can apply at the host university.
  • Preparing for the study abroad visist: Now is the time to finalize all organizational details, from financing to finding an apartment.
Semester 4: Your semester abroad
  • Immerse and experience: Use this semester to immerse yourself in a new culture, to broad your academic skills, and to build up an international network.

Finances and funding


Studying abroad is an investment in your future, but it can also come with financial challenges.

Therefore, ask yourself the following questions in advance:

  • How high are the costs of living in the host country? We recommend that you inform yourself online on the expenses of living for the respective host city. A good source is Numbeo - Cost of living
  • What kind of funding is available?
  • How are the chances for obtaining a scholarship?
  • Are there any other possibilities?
  • Do I have the possibility to apply for "Auslands-BAföG"? More information is available here: Auslands-BAföG

To ensure that you start this adventure well prepared, we would like to give you an overview of the costs involved as well as possible financing and funding options on our page "Finances and Funding"


  •  We recommend that you prepare a detailed budget plan, including a buffer for unexpected expenses.
  • Due to the variety of funding options, it is advisable to obtain comprehensive information at an early stage in order to find the right form of financing for you. Find out about the various options in good time and bear the application deadlines in mind here as well.


After reading through the information on our website, do you still have unanswered questions about studying abroad or do you then need individual advice? We are here for you! To schedule an appointment, simply click on the business cards below. We look forward to supporting you in your study abroad adventure!

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