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You are interested in our degree programs, practical projects or the research carried out at our chairs? Then you are exactly where you need to be. On this website, you will find all news from the teaching practice, our chairs and the world of journalism under the News tab.

Detailed information on all our degree programs can be found on the respective information pages for interested prospective students for the Bachelor’s program in Journalism and the Master’s program in Journalism with a focus on Innovation and Management.


Practical insights

Media Workshop

Learning from the professionals in practice: This is the motto of the Media Workshop, which is a fixed component of the bachelor’s degree program. During the semester break, various experts from well-known media companies are brought to Eichstätt for print and broadcasting.

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Here, you will find all regularly offered teaching projects of the Eichstätt Journalism department. The range of offers is expanded every semester by additional seminars or ideas that come from our students themselves.

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What Eichstätt students say about the program

Bernadette Uth
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The Master's degree program in Eichstätt offers the perfect symbiosis between science and practice: Current issues are analyzed directly in a practical context using scientific methods. 

Through these exciting projects that are carried out in collaboration with well-known media partners, the Master's program ideally prepares students for both science and practice.”




Bernadette Uth

Research assistant in the Research training group on trust and communication in a digitalized world, WWU University of Münster, Master’s program in Journalism, 2018 graduate

Christian Schweppe
© Meinrad Heck

"I came to Eichstätt to be able to completely focus on journalism. Here you are trained in a cross-medial manner and have enough freedom to choose your own priorities and implement your own projects - especially during the many practical phases. Because journalism is mainly: Practice. Getting out, talking to people, making new worlds approachable. It is particularly important to have solid tools for research. The Eichstätt journalism program ideally imparts these skills."




Christian Schweppe

Editor in the investigative department at WELT, Bachelor’s program in Journalism, 2017 graduate | Photo: Meinrad Heck

Graduate survey

Every two years, the Journalism department in Eichstätt systematically surveys all graduates of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. This allows us to know where our graduates end up, how the professional environment changes and how graduates evaluate the degree programs in retrospect. We regularly adjust our study programs accordingly.


You can find detailed information on the results of the graduate surveys in the following PDF files.

Outstanding accreditation

"A good staff-to-student ratio and great commitment in the teaching practice”

Both degree programs in Journalism have been re-accredited until 2025 without any conditions. The Eichstätt Journalism department was certified to have a consistently high teaching quality. Details can be found in the accreditation report.

The Eichstätt Journalism department also ranks particularly high in comparison with other Bavarian universities. Details can be found in the accompanying text of the Bavarian graduate survey.

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Research at the Eichstätt Journalism department

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How does journalism change? How does the change in journalism and the media world affect working methods and forms of organization or the quality and ethics of journalism? Whether in seminars or research projects – in Eichstätt, research is about investigating pressing questions in the field of journalism and related areas and examining them from a communication science perspective.

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Team at the Eichstätt Journalism department

Here you can find all information on the teams at the chairs and access the information pages of the employees.

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Journalism student body

The Journalism student body has active student members both from the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. They deal with all concerns, questions and problems that students encounter and are also a point of contact for prospective interested students.


You can contact the student body by e-mail: fachgruppe.journalistik(at)gmail.com

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