Scholarships are reserved for the best? Wrong! You are committed and confident? Then, there are also many other ways for successfully applying for a scholarship.

Although many student grants are awarded by organizations specifically promoting young talent, scholarships are not only available to high-fliers. There are also other factors that can convince scholarship providers, for example if you are active in voluntary work. Other student grants are provided for specific groups, e.g. for student moms or mothers who complete their doctoral degree or for non-academics.

It might take a little effort to find the right grant provider, but it pays off in the end. A study by the Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research carried out in 2009 found that about one third of all scholarship applications were successful (see p. 47 et seqq.).

Supporters of the University

In its network, the KU is fortunate to have several foundations and sponsors who award prizes, scholarships and grants to KU students and early-career researchers.

The 13 large organizations for the promotion of young talent

The organizations promoting young talent award scholarships funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). In most cases, these also include non-material components such as seminar offers, group meetings etc.

More information is available here.

Many of these organizations have their own university group at the KU. More information is available in German here.

Deutschlandstipendium at the KU

The Deutschlandstipendium awarded by the German Federal Government was launched in the 2011 summer semester and is provided irrespective of income. Students who are successful in securing a grant receive 300 euros per month on top of the German federal student grant (BAföG) or other income they may have.

More information on the Deutschlandstipendium at the KU is available here.

Other grant providers

Besides the 13 largest organizations for the promotion of young talent and supporters close to the University, in German you will find a list of other grant providers here that support students financially in different ways.

Occasionally, supporters contact the KU directly; you will find the corresponding offers here.


How to find the right scholarship program for me?

More information on funding opportunities and scholarships for international students is available here.