International Commission on Continental Erosion (ICCE) Symposium 2024

Sensitivity of erosion and sediment transport to recent climate change


In July, 2024, the Chair of Physical Geography is proud to host the meeting of the International Commission of Continental Erosion (ICCE) of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS). The topic is "Sensitivity of erosion and sediment transport to recent climate change". We welcome contributions on a wide range of environments, processes, and scales. The scope includes the reconstruction and measurement of past and present-day processes, the attribution of observed changes to changes in hydrometeorological forcing, and also modelling studies on future developments according to climate projections.

Meeting Programme

Interesting oral presentations, one keynote lecture, and ample time for meeting and discussing during the poster sessions and coffee breaks.

Venue & How to get there

Eichstätt is....

Terms and Conditions

We're looking forward to meeting you !

Organising committee

We're excited to be your hosts for the 2024 ICCE symposium. Have a look at what we've been working on during the last years, above all the SEHAG research unit on the sensitivity of High Alpine Geosystems to climate change since the end of the Little Ice Age...