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What is Data Science?

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the topics of the future. The driving forces behind them are mathematical calculations and statistical methods whose potential is far from exhausted, because data is nowadays available in large quantities and in virtually every area of life.

  • The series suggestions on your Netflix watchlist?
  • The weather forecast for the next 10 days?
  • The image recognition on your smartphone?

All of this is based on the structured analysis of data and the targeted training of neuronal networks.

The new Data Science program teaches the fundamentals of machine learning and other current methods for data analysis, as well as the ability to efficiently implement these methods using modern software technologies.

The necessary knowledge from the fields of study mathematics, statistics, computer science and data science is taught.

As the program progresses, you can select one of six specializations to specifically study the application area that fits your career goals.

Thanks to the english-language orientation of our degree program and the international contacts you can make at KU, you will be well prepared for the international job market!

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence
Weather forecasts
Weather forecasts
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The study program at KU


Key data for the study

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  • Standard period of study: 6 semesters
  • Language of instruction: English; 
    German A2 must be proven after the 1st year of study
  • Admission requirements: general university entrance qualification 
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science

What Profile should I have?

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  • Good acquaintance with mathematics
  • Analytical thinking
  • Passion for understanding complex problems and desire to develop technical solutions for them
  • General university entrance qualification
  • English language skills
    for international students: German A2 after 1st year of study

Career opportunities

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The future is taught here!
We offer an innovative and modern degree program. Data Scientists are urgently needed due to the immensely growing amounts of data, especially in industry. During your studies you can already choose a specialization, e.g. in the fields of business analytic, digital transformation of society, environmental sciences or finance and economics.

Thanks to the English-language orientation of our degree program, you will be ready for the international job market!

Why study Data Science at KU?

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  • Forward looking field of study
  • Established and modern learning concepts
  • Excellent ratio of faculty to students thanks to small groups 
  • Preparation for the international job market thanks to english-language orientation and international contacts
  • Discussion of ethical issues regarding the handling of data
  • Gaining experience with well-known industry partners
  • Living and studying at Germany's most popular university
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You may take courses within the program for the following specializations:

Possible specializations and there study plans

Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing

"Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing" provides students with a deeper insight into the mathematical foundations of Data Science. The focus of the specialization is on mathematical model building on the one hand, and on the other hand the transition from continuous to discrete and thus practically implementable models.

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Business Analytics and Operations

"Business Analytics and Operations" builds the bridge to economics. In addition to basic knowledge of business administration, e.g. accounting, the focus of this specialization is on data-driven of this specialization is on data-driven approaches to business, organizational and technical problems.

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Digital Transformation of Society

"Digital Transformation of Society" considers applications of Data Science in the social and human sciences. In addition to basic knowledge, students gain insights into the role of empirical methods, e.g. in sociology and journalism. Substantive knowledge of Data Science methods coupled with insights into the social sciences and humanities will enable students to critically engage with the ongoing digital transformation of society.

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Environmental Sciences

"Environmental Sciences" provides students with an insight into data-based environmental and earth sciences. A central aspect is the fitting of models for dynamic (time-varying) processes such as weather and climate to measured data, which are often only available inaccurately and incompletely.

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Finance and Economics

„Finance and Economics“ sheds light on macroeconomic relationships, global markets, and financial instruments. These areas are heavily influenced by data-based methods. The specialization expands the students' methodological competence with knowledge of area-specific model building and subject systematics.

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Machine Learning and Statistics

"Machine Learning and Statistics" allows students to deepen their understanding of statistical methods and introduces advanced and research aspects of statistical and machine learning techniques.

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In addition to courses, the program includes an industrial internship or a research internship at the Mathematical Institute for Machine Learning and Data Science or in other departments at the KU or other universities.

Industrial partners of KU are:


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Enrollment period winter semester 2022/23:
May 1 to July 15 and
1. until 15. August


Info & advice

Götz Pfander
Prof. Dr. Götz Pfander
Holder of the Chair Mathematics - Scientific Computing | Speaker of the Mathematical Institute for Machine Learning and Data Science | Vice Dean
Room: KGB-110
Postal Address
Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
Faculty of Mathematics and Geography
85071 Eichstätt

Professorships involved in the study program

Chair of Mathematics - Scientific Computing

Prof. Dr. Götz Pfander

To the page of the chair: HERE

Chair of Reliable Machine Learning

Prof. Dr. Felix Voigtlaender

To the page of the chair: HERE

Chair of Applied Mathematics

Prof. Dr. Marcel Oliver

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Chair of Geomatics and Geomathematics

ongoing appeal proceedings

Chair of Mathematics - Statistics

Prof. Dr. Johannes Krebs

to the page of the chair: HERE

Junior Professorship for Mathematics - Data Science

Junior Prof. Dr. Dominik Stöger

To the page: HERE

Heisenberg Professor for data assimilation

Prof. Dr. Tijana Janjic

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Chair for Business Administration and Business Informatics

Prof. Dr. Thomas Setzer
  • Lead of the AG Analytics at the "Gesellschaft für Operations Research" (GOR)
  • Lead of the research area "Big Data Science & Service Management" at the "Forschungszentrum Informatik" (FZI)

To the page of the chair: HERE

Mathematical Institute for Machine Learning and Data Science


The BSc program Data Science is part of the new Mathematical Institute for Machine Learning and Data Science.
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