Dialogical Cultures – Critical Reflection Spaces for Cultural Studies and Social Sciences

The KU Center for Advanced Studies “Dialogical Cultures – Critical Reflection Spaces for Cultural Studies and Social Sciences” (KU CAS) is an internationally oriented center for the promotion of interdisciplinary research in cultural studies and the social sciences at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. Supporting doctoral and postdoctoral studies as well as research projects conducted by experienced and well-established scholars, the KU CAS aims at facilitating and enhancing scholarly exchange and critical debate beyond disciplinary boundaries.



Fellows at the KU CAS Dialogical Cultures in the summer term 2022

The KU CAS Dialogical Cultures is excited to host the following fellows with their exciting projects in Eichstätt in this summer term:

Prof. Christopher Breu (Illinois State University, USA), Dialogical Cultures Senior Fellow,
"In Defense of Sex"

Prof. Dr. Sven Günther (NENU, Changchun, China), Dialogical Cultures Senior Fellow,
"Augustus in Saigon: Dialogues between Western Antiquity, Colonial Past, and Post-Colonial Society in Vietnam"

Dr. Renée Ridgway (Copenhagen Business School, DK/Leuphana, Lüneburg), Digital Cultures Research Fellow,
"What is the Art in Artificial Intelligence? Exploring dialogical care through chatbots and users"

Dr. Julius M. Rogenhofer (Cambridge, UK/KU Leuven, Belgien), Dialogical Cultures Junior Fellow,
"The Politics of Ordinary Objects"

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Conference "'The Public Sphere in Agony' -- Re-Thinking the Dialogical, Performative Assembly, and Civic Culture"

An international interdisciplinary conference by the KU Center for Advanced Studies “Dialogical Cultures"


Robert Schmidt
Prof. Dr. Robert Schmidt
Holder of the Professorship for Process-Oriented Sociology
Room: KAP-105