Facts and figures

Studies & teaching

Degree programs

  • Just under 70 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.
  • Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s and Master’s program that allows students to choose their individual subject combination freely
  • International double degree programs: Studying in two countries and obtaining two degrees
  • Interdisciplinary Studium.Pro offer that focuses on current social issues and advances students’ individual personal development
Top 3 degree programs

(December 2020 by number of enrolled students)

  1. Teaching at Elementary School (588)
  2. MSc Business Administration (452)
  3. BA Social Work (443)


(on December 2020)

Total number of enrollments at the KU: 4855

Female 66%
Male 34 %

among them in Fachhochschule (FH) degree programs: 816

Female 73%
Male 27%

among them international students: 565


Students by faculty

Total number of enrolled students (in percent)

Students grouped by faculty

Total number of enrolled students (in per cent)


Students grouped by faculty key
Students grouped by faculty key


Structure and institutions

Third-party funds

Acquired third-party funding 2019 (grouped by funding institutions)


Third-party 2020
Third-party key

KU International

(on December 2020)

Total number of international students: 565 from 77 countries

This corresponds to approx. 12 percent of enrolled students.

Top 3 countries of origin

1. France (67)
2. Afghanistan (57)
3. Ukraine (51)

Student exchange

Outgoing students1: 91 (WS 2020/21)
Incoming students2: 42
(WS 2020/21)

Partner universities

approx. 300 partner universities3
in 59 countries
offering more than 400 exchange opportunities


1 KU students who have participated in an international exchange program
2 Students from international universities who have enrolled at the KU for at least one exchange semester
3Last updated: December 2020


(on December 2020)

Professors2 114
Female 26%
Male 74%

Research staff not including professors: 382
Female 57%
Male 43%

Research support staff3

Administrative and technical staff: 320
Female 72%
Male 28%

University Library: 74
Female 57%
Male 43%


Lecturers: 306
Female 146
Male 160

1 Part-time and full-time employment relationships ; not including employees of the Foundation; not including student and research assistants; not including lecturers; including employees who are allocated to the KU by the State Ministry or another employer
2 including junior professors
3 Part-time and full-time employment relationships; including trainees


Revenue structure in 2019 financial year
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Budget key

University Library

(Last updated: December 31, 2020)

Cataloged holdings:

1.968.793 volumes

Digital holdings:

89.076        (Not including newspapers, journals, and magazines)



Print newspaper, journal, and magazine subscriptions: