Topic of the field of supply chain management

The Production as a value-adding process has a significant role in industrial enterprises. The aim of production manangement is to create a certain basis in certain production areas with regards to all economic aspects.

The Production management covers different questions. It solves problems closely related to the production of goods as well as problems resulting from other sectors like procurement and distribution. These sectors as well as the logistic sector are key functions within the internal production process. Therefore they must be discussed with respect to the aspects of production.

The decisions, which are necessary for an manufacturing company, are explained in the courses of production management from different levels. We will present relevant influencing factors and interdependencies from long term reflections on strategies for production and marketing as well as short term questions conc. production scheduling.

The required methods for a successful study of the production management area will be explained in courses. These methods cover the fields of operations research, probability theories, queueing theory and simulation.

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