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Student Theses at our Chair

Amelie Fink

 Product bundling as a strategy to counter the green-feminine stereotype

 (Master Thesis - Current)

Sabrina List

Examining Critical Factors for Efficent Knowledge Management to Foster Innovation

(Master Thesis - Current)

Susanne Walter

A Review of two Decades of Open Innovation:

Implications for the Design of Future Open Innovation Projects

(Bachelor Thesis – Completed, January 2020)

Lisa Sailer

Peer influence on social media

(Bachelor Thesis – Completed, December 2019)

Alina Kerath

Investigating the Relationship Between Financial and Physical Wellbeing

(Master Thesis - Completed, September 2019)

Kirsten Poneleit 

Consumer Creativity and Open Innovation Processes

(Master Thesis - Completed, September 2019)

Michael Ries

The Relationship Between Dimensions of Consumer Wellbeing: An Empirical Investigation

(Bachelor Thesis – Completed, March 2019)


Student Assistants at our Chair

Philipp Dünkelmann


Lara Edler


Valentina Ehle


Tim Haber


Jan Fehlberg 

(worked from 24.04.19 to 30.09.19)

Michael Ries

(worked from 07.01.19 to 31.08.19)

Maximilian Bauer

(worked from 07.01.19 to 31.08.19)

Beatriz Cuesta Unkhoff

(worked from 07.01.19 to 31.07.19)

Manuel Scheerer

(worked from 01.08.18 to 31.01.19)

Felicitas Naderi

(worked from 26.07.18 to 15.12.18)